Concepts of Writing an Employment Letters

If you have your own employees – or soon will have them – you’ll eventually get a request for an employee verification letter.  If you don’t have any idea of what is this, then you’re obviously a lucky stiff who’s never had anybody doubt their state of employment before – these are written by companies for employees for that very purpose.  If an employee is relocating for a job, their landlords may request proof of employment before they let the employee sign a lease; some banks and insurance applications want them as well.

A letter of employment verification is an instrument of formal business communication. Hence, it should be short and to the point. The point of this employee verification letter is to establish that a certain person is working in one’s company. Hence, employment verification letter for this need not be made into a long drawn out exercise and should be to the point and precise.

An employment letter is certainly used for the professional purposes and nothing more. It only means that it has to be printed on a letter head of the company so that it will also become as a legal one. Other than that, it also included in an employment letter the name of the person as well as the contact address, in which it must have to be mentioned right in the beginning of the employment verification letter because of the fact that, all of the above mentioned is very much important in a letter. That is why if you have a plan to make one, then you have to remember all of these.

verification of employment letter

In writing for letter employment verification, you can start by addressing the company to whom you are sending the letter. The first paragraph should state that the person in question is indeed employed in your company. It may be useful to add the monthly remuneration of the employee. In the last part of the letter, say that the person you are addressing the letter to feel free about asking any more details. In case the exact words are hard to come by, you can refer to some sample employment verification letter on the internet. 

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